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How to Open Your Forex Trading Account

How to Open Your Forex Trading Account

Some people become very nervous at the thought of opening a Forex trading account, but it is not as complicated as you may think. Initially you will have to make some decisions before opening your account but in this article we will attempt to walk you through the necessary steps. You will need to decide on the amount of capital you are prepared to use to open the account, and then it is important to check out the different brokers until you find one that you are comfortable to deal with.

It’s suggested you do some research on the internet first and read through the various offering from brokers and also take note of feedback from more experienced traders. Join a Forex trading forum and don’t be nervous about asking for advice or opinions about various brokers and trading platforms.

In many cases you can open a simple trading account with as small amount as $250, which is probably a good idea if you are just starting out and want to get a feel for the market first without investing too much. Next you should have a look at the different spreads, the margin rules and the allowable leverage plus any other Forex trading aspects that are important to you.  Have a look at what available pairs the broker is offering in the Forex market and ensure they fit with your interests. If this all sounds complicated take advantage of some of the many Forex trading tutorials you can find on the internet and become familiar with the terminology.

When you have found a Forex broker that you are comfortable with and have determined the amount of capital you wish to invest it’s time to get started on opening your account. There are several different types of accounts to choose from, and some brokers will offer you mini-accounts to get started. It’s a good idea to have a talk with your broker and be guided by his advice as to what best suits your investment needs.

Many first timers start with a dummy account so they can practice and get used to the different currency spreads. This will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the different trading strategies before you start to actually put your capital at risk. When you are comfortable with your progress you can proceed to open an actual account through your broker.

This will entail completing a number of forms, and of course having the capital available to open your account. Your Forex broker will provide a legal agreement that sets out the leverage rules and amounts, plus an agreement regarding any losing margin trades, in addition to the other necessary paperwork and contracts to open your Forex account.

The important thing is to find the right broker to suit you, that you feel comfortable with and that you can trust. Once you achieve this, opening the account and starting your Forex trading is easy. Always keep in mind choosing the right Forex broker can make all the difference as to whether you make or lose money as a Forex trader.

Forex Methods That Work

Forex Methods That Work

Forex is known for taken eager traders, chewing them up and spitting them out. Hopefully, this article will save you from being another meal for the sharks that circle the deadly seas of Forex. Forex is a competition, it is a zero sum game, someone has to lose money for you to get paid, normally, it is the new traders who are the losers. The big winners are the global banks who run super computers and who have mathematicians from Ivy League schools on their staff. The average trader doesn't have any advantage in the competitive world of Forex.

Since we do not have an advantage in Forex, we should do everything not to give any more of an advantage to the professional traders. There are several ways that new traders spew money. The first way they spew money is by not having a money management strategy. All you trades should be of the same size and you should never try to make up losses by trading bigger, that is what losers do. Don't be a loser.

Losing trader also give more edge to the professionals when they trade to often. Over trading is a reason why many new and experienced traders lose money. Do not trade just for fun, Forex trading is not a game, and it shouldn't be used for entertainment. Treat Forex like a business and not a money making hobby.

Another way that new traders hand over their money to the professional is by not having a trading plan. You have to trade using a system or a plan that removes all in-trade decisions. You need a system which tells you when to open a trade and when to exit a trade. You should never have to make these decisions on the fly. Discretionary trading is a slave to fear, greed and other human frailties. The professionals use computers to make their trades so that they don't have to deal with emotions or human subjectivity. Computers don't feel fear and don't have greed, they just do what they are programmed to do.

New traders also foolishly try to scalp the markets and they try other short-term strategies that are low probability. It is my belief that they are attracted to these losing strategies for two main reasons, they want instant gratification and they want excitement. Successful trading is boring! Remember that! If you want fun go hangout with your friends.

As you can see, Forex trading should be treated like a business and not used for fun or entertainment. Successful trading is anticlimactic, it's boring and it becomes mundane. Entertainment traders are those who want to put half their account at risks and gamble, they always end up losing their shirt.

Do the opposite of what the losers do and try to imitate the winners and their no frills approach to trading Forex. Making your trading so rock solid, steady and boring that you know everything that is going to happen in every trade.

Forex Trading Price Action

Forex Trading Price Action

I have wasted a lot of time on things that do not work. I use to try different styles of trading charts and different type of indicators. My charts were stuffed with every tool that you could imagine. Did any of this chart oranament make me a better Forex trader? No! In someone way I believe that it actually held me back and slowed down my progress as a trader. The truth is that no one really needs all of those things on their chart to pick high probability trades. There is a much better way to found those trades.

A better way to find high probability set ups in Forex or any market is to learn how to read the price action. Price action is the story that creates what you see on the chart and it has to be viewed in real time. If you look back at an old chart, you will miss a lot of the story that the price fluctuations tell. When you simply spend months of time looking at how charts develop, you will be able to tell the ending of the story ahead of time. This is the beauty of understanding price action.

Price action will show you how the big banks and institutional traders develop intraday trades. You will be able to spot how they setup both novice traders and professional traders. There's nothing more magical when you start to be able to predict what is going on and what is going to happen because of the price action. I remember my first style spotting a fake out 10 minutes before it happened. I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. That was my first Yoda moment and far from my last. Give this a try and you will understand what I am talking about.

So is this magic and all I need to trade. Yes, you can develop your trading style all around price action but be warned that this is a form of discretionary trading. You will be making decisions off of subjection information and beliefs and if you lack the fundamentals of trading this can comeback to hurt you. The fundamental that you need to have are: Trading using a pre-planned system that you will not tinker with due to fear or greed. You have to have a money management strategy. If you understand these basics then trading Forex based on price action might be for you.

As you can see, the price is right! Price action tells the whole story of what has and will transpire in the Forex market. By observing price action, you will be able to accurately predict where the market is going, what the big money traders are trying to do and why a movement in price happened. Whereas technical indicators lag the market and are based off old data, watching price action focuses on the here and now, and on the only thing that matter when trading. What is that one thing, PRICE.

Forex Tips For Beginners

Forex Tips For Beginners

Are you thinking about getting started with Forex trading? There are a few things you should know before investing on the Forex market. Take a few minutes to review the following article for some useful information on Forex.

Do not spend anything on Forex until you have spent at least a few months educating yourself about trading. Becoming a successful trader takes many years of practice and you will eventually get there if you start by learning as much as possible about Forex. You could for instance read some books, watch some tutorials or talk to other traders.

Choose a broker you can count on. Some brokers have a bad reputation for a reason. You should also avoid brokers that were created very recently. It is best to choose a broker with several years of experience and an excellent reputation, even if they charge more. Do not hesitate to call different brokers so you can ask a few questions about the services offered or find out how much opening an account will cost you.

Choose a currency pair in function of the kind of trading schedule you want. Expect to make most of your transactions when both financial markets are open at the same time. For instance, traders who use the American Dollar and the British Pound can trade from 8 am to 11 am. Once you choose your currency pair, you will have to learn as much as possible about the two countries and their economy.

You should be comfortable with the technical and the fundamental analysis. Professional traders usually have a method they prefer but you should not specialize in one method or the other until you gain more experience. As a beginner, you can really benefit from mastering both approaches. Besides, there are situations where using both methods is the only way to make an accurate forecast. Read analysis written by professional traders instead of following your own forecasts. You can write down what you think will happen and compare your predictions to what happened at the end of your trading session.

The key to becoming a successful trader is to always assess your risks and minimize them. There are different methods you can use to minimize your risks, including going with the trend, never investing more than half of your available capital and using stop loss orders. Following the trend is your best option until you gain more experience with trading. Never investing more than half of your capital means you will be able to recover most of your losses in case one of your investments turns out to be a bad decision. Using stop loss orders means your investment will be sold once it reaches a certain value. This is a good way to stop your losses or to secure the profits you were expecting.

These Forex tips will help you become a successful trader but keep in mind that you will have to work hard. Start by learning as much as possible about Forex.

Forex Scalping Success

Forex Scalping Success

I am not bragging or boasting when I claim that I am one of the few successful Forex scalpers. It's a fat that most people never earn any money trading Forex, they can spend thousands of dollars on trading courses, they can ready every book on the subject but they will always fail.

These people fail because they don't understand the pure basics that you have to discover on your own. They come to Forex lacking discipline and their lack of discipline is often the source of their failure.

Successful Forex scalpers have self-discipline a lot of other qualities that Forex losers do not possess.

How did I come to possess these qualities. Let me tell you something, I was an undisciplined person my entire life. I always made average grades, I was fat and I never finished what I started. All of that had to go out the window for me to succeed in Forex or anything else in life.

Why is discipline so important when you scalp Forex? It's important because you can blow your entire account on one trade. It takes discipline to stick to your trading plan.

One of the most discipline related strategies in trading is money management. There are traders who always try to trade too big or who try to make up loses on one trade, they aren't following a money management strategy and they will soon go broke.

No matter what happens during a trade, you should stick it out and go with your plan. Your plan should consist of an entry and exit strategy. You should know why you are in a trade, you show know when to exit it. These aren't the decisions you want to be making while a trade is going on. This is when those two devils peer in to destroy you, fear and greed.

I promise that 100% of the bad trades you make are because of fear and greed. Fear that a trade is going to turn around on you, fear that you made the wrong trade, and your greed kills you when you try to trade too often, too much, and when you try to force more money from a trade.

Stick to your pre-trade game plan.

You do have a pre-trade game plan, right? Wrong! Most of you are just playing it by ear. Forex is your adult arcade game, it's only entertainment.

All I have to say is, thank you for playing! Your deposit will soon sit in my bank account where I will use it to earn more money. Never forget that trading is a zero-sum game, someone has to lose for someone to win.

As you can see, most traders have no idea what they are doing, yet they still call themselves traders. They treat Forex like a video game and everything they learn is just entertainment. Most will continue to fail because they do not take themselves are the business of trading seriously.

They are fish in shark infested waters.

Forex Confessions Of An Over Trader

Forex Confessions Of An Over Trader

Hello everyone. I have a confession, I am an over trader. I often make too many trades per day and when I get bored I like to try out different trading ideas. This is the song of many who have and willing continue to lose money trading Forex. Over trading is one of the biggest issues that new and some experienced traders have. Unfortunately, the more many people trade, the more money they lose. Do you like losing money? I doubt that you do. This article will explain why you have to stop trading so much. This is your intervention.

The more decisions a trader has to make, the more mistakes he will make. This is a simple truth that you must understand. When it comes to trading, you want to make as few decisions as possible. You want your trading system to have already decided why you enter and exit a trade. More importantly, you want your money management system to allocate how much money you risk on each trade. These are the types of choices you do not want to make on the fly. You fail and the Forex bullies will have all your money.

Stop giving away your money to the Forex bullies!

Why do we over trade? I know that for me, I love the excitement of trading. I like trying to take money from the market and I love to tinker with different trading concepts. The problem is that I shouldn't be making any trades that do not fall within the confines of my trading system. To be a good trader is to be disciplined and to stick to your strategy. Initially, I lacked the discipline to do this but after blowing up several Forex accounts, I am discipline.

Please learn by mistakes and don't lose all your money like I did.

There is away to tinker!

Yes, we are over traders and we promise to stick to our system. We also need a place to test new systems and strategies. My suggestion is to create  a separate account with a small amount of money that you use to test out your new ideas. I always keep my trading size and leverage low in this account because it is more to test ideas than to make income. In this account I try my more riskier methods and I quench my thirst to trade and my need for speed. I suggest that you setup a similar account.

As you can see, over trading is a disease that many traders have. I am a sufferer but I am slowly getting better. We should aim to trade more so that we can stick to high probability trades and not waste away our account gambling and experimenting. I do understand that there has to be away to test out new ideas and because of this I recommend a smaller account that you use for research and riskier forms of trading. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Forex Is For Disciplined People

Forex Is For Disciplined People

I am not going to focus on the technical aspect of trading in this article. I think that too many people focus on the mechanics of trading and not on the mental side. It is my experience and belief that the mental side of trading is where most people need work. Sure new traders don't use a proper trading strategy but they also don't know how to think about the business of trading. They have faulty beliefs that will keep them in a state where they are losing money. Lets fix their head then their trading.

So what do I mean by lets focus on the mental side of trading? What I mean is that trading for many involves too many emotions. These emotions are would causes trader to make bad decisions in Forex. The more bad decision you make, the more money you will lose as a trader. It is my goal to teach traders to think about the game and how to think about each trade. By changing their internal representation of what good trading is first, then we can easily teach them winning trading system that will make them profitable and that will keep them in the black.

So what is good trading and what is bad trading? Most people who find themselves wanting to be a trader do so because they want money NOW. They don't want to wait the same amount of time that it takes investors to earn money. They want daily, weekly and monthly income from trading. There is nothing wrong with that and I share the same goals. Where I differ from the average trader is that I know that you cannot remove patience from the business of trading. It doesn't matter if you are day trading or investing.

Not only do these traders want income now, they also want to always be trading. They love the action of trading. My job is to replace their love of trading with the love of making money. Enjoy being profitable more than you love putting on trades. If they could learn this one thing they would lose less money. I also have to teach them that every trade has to be planned ahead of time. I don't want them making any gut decisions. The big banks use automated trading systems ran by super computers because they know how human emotions are not subjective.

If there is anything to take away from this article it is, focus more on how you think about trading. Do not allow Forex trading to become a game or a source of entertainment. Think of each trade you make as a major business decision that should be well planned and researched ahead of time. What if you are day trading? Of course in day trading your decision have to be made fast but your system will already have things such as lot size, entry point and exiting solves before you sit in front of the computer.

Factors That Affect The Forex Rate

Factors That Affect The Forex Rate

The regular movement of the forex rate affects everyone regardless of whether you are travelling to a foreign country or buying an item online.  Every commodity is affected by the economic law of supply and demand and the forex rate is not any different.  The demand and supply of a country’s currency is reflected in its foreign exchange rate.

During dips in the economy, consumers do not spend as much as they would during an economic upswing and this affects international trade.  This causes a country’s currency to decline compared to countries that are not in the throes of an economic downslide.  If a country experiences a boost in its economy, the value of its currency will receive a similar boost, unless its government decides to take action.

Growth of the Economy

A country’s economy must expand in order for it to meet the growing needs of an increasing population.  The problem that arises is if the growth is too rapid.  This causes an increase in commodity prices to overtake increases in salaries.  This, in turn, causes consumers to decrease their spending even in cases where workers have received wage increases. 

Most countries set an annual growth in its economy at a targeted 2%.  In cases where the growth percentage is higher than this target, the inflation rate will increase.  In this instance, the central bank of the country will take steps to increase the interest rates.  Increasing the interest rate causes an increase in the borrowing cost.  This causes consumers to decrease their borrowing which slows down general spending trends.  Traders can use this to their advantage as a change in the interest rates is indicative of a change in the foreign currency rate.

During times of deflation the opposite is true and it is normally a sign that the country’s economy is in the process of stagnation.  National banks tend to lower interest rates during these times in order to increase consumer spending.  The banks undertake this process to try and reverse deflation.

Interest Rates

The interest rates that the central bank sets affect interest rates that are charged to borrowing clients by their respective financial institutions.  When a country’s economy is under-performing, the central banks will consider a lowering of interest rates to boost borrowing.  The lower interest rates often cause consumers to borrow more and increase their spending which aids in a boost of the economy.  If the economy becomes too active, the national bank may increase the benchmark rate which will cause an increase in the rate for borrowings.  This makes borrowing expensive which will slow down consumer spending.

This fluctuation is relevant to investors looking to gain solid returns on their funds.  Asset yields in a currency are normally increased with an increase in interest rate.  This causes a demand by investors for that currency and ultimately causes an increase in the currency’s value.  In times when interest rates decline, investors shy away from the currency as they will not be getting a satisfactory yield.

The effect these factors have on currency rates is important for forex brokers.  Traders should keep an eye on interest rates and the economic climate of the currency pairs they are trading.

Determinants Of Foreign Exchange Rates

Determinants Of Foreign Exchange Rates

A country’s foreign exchange rates are an indication of its economic health.  Its exchange rate plays a very important role in its trade level.  It is for this reason that rates are constantly scrutinized, analyzed and at times manipulated by government departments.  For the individual investor, these rates often have an adverse effect on their portfolios.

Trading activities between countries is the main factor that affects currency rate fluctuations.  When a country shows an increase in its currency rate, its export prices will increase, and its import prices will drop in the foreign market.  The reverse is true when a country has a low currency rate.  If a country has a low exchange rate, its trade balance will increase, but a high exchange rate will decrease its trade balance.

Current Account Deficit

The trade difference between a country and its trade partners is termed as a ‘current account.’  It shows the difference between payments made from one country to another for interest, dividends, goods and services.  A deficit in a country’s current account shows that it is spending more on foreign trade than it is earning from other countries.  It is also indicative of the fact that a country requires funding from foreign sources to get rid of its deficit.  This indicates that a country requires more foreign currency than it is earning from its exports.  This means that the demand for its products is not very high.

Interest Rates

The correlation between inflation, interest rates and foreign exchange rates is extremely strong.  If central banks make the decision to manipulate interest rates, there is a direct influence on inflation and the currency exchange rate.  By raising the interest rate, lenders achieve a higher return than in other countries.  This attracts investment from foreign countries which causes an increase in the exchange rate.  When interest rates are brought down, the return for lenders decreases which brings down the exchange rate.


If a country has a consistently low inflation rate, its currency value will increase.  This is so because the country’s purchasing power increases in relation to foreign currencies.  The countries who maintained low inflation rates during the past fifty or so years are Germany, Japan and Switzerland.  Low inflation in North America was only achieved much later.  Countries that have a high inflation rate experience a dip in their currency rate as opposed to their trade partners.  This phenomenon is linked to high interest rates.

The foreign currency exchange rates linked to your investments will be the determining factor of the actual value of your investment portfolio.  There are a huge number of factors that determine a country’s exchange rate and these are complicated enough to leave many experienced traders confused.  If you are an avid investor or foreign currency trader, you should become familiar with concepts that determine currency values.  These rates will have a dramatic effect on the return on your investments.

Foreign currency exchange rates are determined by several factors and this not only affects trading between countries, it also affects the individual consumer in several ways.  Corporations who trade with other countries are also affected negatively at times.

Finding Profits In Forex

Finding Profits In Forex

Finding profits in Forex. Where were the profits hiding? I think they were hiding somewhere between the 5 minute bar chart and the daily chart. One of the Forex topics that I often talk about is why new traders should only trade the larger time frames. I consider a large time from to be an 8 hour chart or longer. Personally, I mainly trade the daily bar chart because I like to get a big over view of the currency market without all the noise of smaller time frames. I find that this makes my decision process easier.

What about noise? I mentioned that noise is a reason why I don't trade the smaller time frames. Noise, to me, are the constant waves and ripples that make the price action of a currency pair go up and down. Sure this can give you many opportunities to put in trades but what I have found is that the more trades people put in on these smaller time frames, the more money they lose. Most retail traders simply don't have the skill to pick enough winning trades to make it profitable and they also don't have a system that will keep them out of a bad trade.

The truth behind why I love trading the daily chart so much. Yes, it is true that the daily chart has less noise but the best thing about it is that you don't have to check it so often. Trading daily bars doesn't require you to sit in front of a computer all day watching the Forex market go up and down. Now, that I only trade the daily chart, I look at each currency pair that I trade once per day. I put on my trades and I'm done. I do have an app that lets me track how my trades are doing and I even sparingly check that.

I love the freedom that this type of trading give me. The funny thing is that you can make these over arching type of day trade plays on the daily chart. For example, it isn't odd to see me put on a trade chasing 50 pips or more when I see a engulfing candle stick pattern on my Forex chart. I also sometimes will trade a trend that looks like it is going to continue with a day trade like approach. By day trade, I mean that I will close this position or seek to reach my target within 24 hours.

So where are the profits? They seem to be hiding on the larger time frames such as the daily bar chart. As you can see, my method is all about simplifying things. I want to make as few as trades as possible and I want to set and forget my trades. Once I put on a trade, I let it run its course. I don't alter it or add on to it. I don't make any decision once I click buy or sell.

Forex Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Forex Mistakes That You Should Avoid

All forex traders make mistakes, but the successful traders learn for the mistake they and others make.  It is important that you know about some of the common mistakes made by traders so you can learn to avoid them.  One you know what these common mistakes are you will be able to trade around them and lose less when you are trading.

The first mistake that many traders make is averaging down.  Averaging down is a technique that many traders come across where a position is held even when it starts making a loss.  The trader will increase the amounts in the trade and wait for a turn in the trend.  This technique is dangerous and often leads to more losses than gains.

The second mistake that many traders make is pre-positioning their trades before economic news is released.  There are certain economic new reports that affect the way the forex market works.  It is recommended that trades be closed before the news is released because of the fluctuations that can occur.

The mistake that a lot of traders make is thinking that they can predict what the market will do.  There is no way to accurately determine what the market will do in the future.  To avoid this mistake you should never open a position before the news has been released and you can see what the market is doing.

The third mistake that trader make and the second one related to the news is trading directly after the news has been released.  Once the news has been released a trend usually starts.  However, this is often a false trend which reverses before picking up again.  When this happens traders are often stopped out and they lose the edge they had with the position.

The fourth mistake that many new and experienced traders make is to risk more than 2% of their account balance.  It is recommended that you never trade more than 2% of your account as part of you risk and money management.  If you risk more than this when you hit a string of losses you could potentially lose your entire account balance. 

When you calculate what 2% of your account is you should include any leverage you are going to use.  While leverage increases the return you may make it also increases what you stand to lose.  You must take the amount of leverage you are using in the trade into account when you calculate what 2% of your balance is.

The fifth mistake that traders make is having unrealistic expectations.  A common myth about the forex market is that you can make money quickly and this is not true.  You should expect a realistic return on your time and the amount of money you are putting into your trading.  It is very hard to make large amounts if you are invest very small amounts of capital.

There are five common mistakes that new and experienced forex traders make.  When you know what these mistakes are you can easily avoid them and be successful in your trading.

Trend Trading Forex

Trend Trading Forex

I was an idiot when I first started trading Forex. Like most new traders who eventually lose all their money, I started off as a day trader. I was sitting in front of the computer for 4 hours a day trying to make pips. I was even waking up at 3 AM to trade the London open. I loved the action and the speed of trading on a short time frame but it was very stressful. Not only was it stressful but it wasn't really profitable. I lost more money than I made and at one point I was just happy to break even.

I remember reading the Market Wizards series of books and reading about Richard Dennis, the guy who created the turtle traders. The turtle traders were a group that Richard Dennis put together after a bet with his trading partner. Richard Dennis believed that anyone could learn trading if they had the right rules. He put an ad in the paper and he taught people from all walks of life how to become traders. Many of the people he taught became millionaires and some are even running their own firms.

One of the core principles that Richard Dennis taught his turtle traders is hot to trade the trend. His philosophy was that price action is the only thing that matters in trading, it is the only thing that is true. Technical indicators aren't true and predicting where the market will go doesn't work. Trend traders simply ride the market like a wave. If the marketing is up, they are taking long positions; if the market is down, they take short positions. This sound rather simple but it is psychologically hard to apply when trading. It is difficult to see a trade go against you and knowing that you have to stay in it.

The turtle trading system can easily be applied to Forex because the currency market has some of the longest trends of any market. There are trends that last several years. If you can jump onto just one trade, you can make a ton of money. With this trading system, you will get a lot of false starts and you will often get kicked out of trades because they will turn on you, but it only takes one major trend per year to make you the bulk of your money.

This is the same system that John Dunn uses. He is famous for taking a small investment and turning it into a 300 million dollar fund. His system is always in the market and is always trading. When it gets onto a trend, it stays with it until it ends. There are years when his systems doesn't make any money and years where it makes a killing. As said, it is psychologically hard to trade like this but for those who can, they will see themselves earning more money, while having to spend less time slaving in front of a computer all day.

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Comment Affaires étrangères concerne Forex

Comment Affaires étrangères concerne Forex

Pour comprendre comment fonctionne Forex vous devez d'abord comprendre comment les différentes économies du monde entier jouent un facteur avec le commerce des devises. Ceci est un aspect important de Forex qui ne peuvent pas aller négligé. Quelqu'un qui ne comprennent pas comment les travaux mondiaux de la structure économique ne seront pas prendre les décisions les plus éclairées possible lors de la négociation des devises. Il ya beaucoup de choses à prendre en considération avant d'investir en devises ou en faire un métier. Apprenez des informations précieuses sur la façon de penser comme un professionnel Forex vrai pour vous donner un avantage sur la concurrence.

Lancer la lecture des nouvelles sur les pays du monde entier. Regardez dans britannique, chinois, russe, et d'autres marchés mondiaux puissants comme un début. Lire la politique du pays et comment le pays progresse économiquement. De bons signes de croissance économique sont des investisseurs de mettre de l'argent pour créer de nouvelles usines ou d'autres entités qui peuvent contribuer à la croissance économique. Les pays qui ont connu une croissance soutenue sur une période de temps sont de bons choix pour investir dans.

Ne négligez pas les pays en développement. Pays du premier monde sont plus fiables quand il vient à un bureau de change, mais les deuxième et troisième devises du monde peut être très prometteuse. Quand un pays progresse dans la bonne direction, il pourrait être le moment idéal pour investir. Le taux de change de la monnaie d'un pays en développement est généralement beaucoup moins que les autres. Cela signifie que vous pouvez acquérir beaucoup de devises pour un prix modique. Le problème avec l'investissement dans un pays comme le Pakistan est que l'un changement de pouvoir politique peut réduire la valeur de la monnaie de ce pays. Gardez un œil sur la politique et l'économie du pays que vous investissez ou êtes intéressé à investir dans. Vous souhaitez capitaliser sur un bon investissement ou à l'arrière d'un actuel en fonction de la valeur de sa monnaie.

Regarder les nouvelles et parler avec des gens que vous connaissez qui restent informés sur la politique mondiale et la structure de l'économie mondiale. Demandez conseil à quelqu'un qui est un investisseur établi Forex. Il est toujours une bonne idée pour savoir comment quelqu'un qui a eu un succès rend métiers. La meilleure façon de comprendre comment devenir le meilleur est à apprendre auprès des meilleurs. Vous pouvez en apprendre davantage sur votre propre mais vous pourriez le faire par essais et erreurs, ce qui pourrait conduire à une perte de beaucoup d'argent.

Il n'y a pas meilleure façon de faire de façon stratégique les meilleures décisions avec le Forex si vous ne établissez pas un concept de l'économie mondiale ou de la politique qui affectent le résultat de devises. Cela peut sembler un sujet qui est au-delà de votre portée, mais il est pas. Plus vous lisez plus il devient facile de mettre les choses ensemble. Commencer à mettre des morceaux de l'information ensemble et dans le temps des questions dans votre tête seront répondues. Chaque jour commettre à un peu de lecture et de recherche, même si elle est pour seulement 30 ou 40 minutes. Toutes les connaissances que vous pouvez obtenir vous pouvez en bénéficier une journée sur un métier.

Forex Trading Ce Matin

Forex Trading Ce Matin

Je ne suis pas sûr que quand vous allez lire cet article, mais je vais vous montrer comment je prends mes métiers pour la journée. Je crois que ce faisant vous donnera une idée de la façon dont vous devriez le commerce. Qu'est-ce que vous remarquerez est que je ne overtrade et que je suis à la recherche d'un commerce à longue soit 1 journée ou même un métier hebdomadaire. Tous mes métiers sont mis en place pour être métiers jour directionnelles ou les métiers de swing qui peut gagner une tonne de pépins de forex. De toute façon, mes métiers sont des métiers forte probabilité.

Donc, il est 09h43 le lundi et le marché a ouvert pour le marché américain. Je cherche menée sur l'EUR / USD USD / JPY et d'autres grandes paires de devises. Comme il est le lundi, il est difficile de trouver des pièces de continuation. Je l'appelle un jeu de poursuite comme celui où vous pouvez prendre l'action des prix de forex du jour suivant et choisir la direction sur la base de engloutit modèles graphiques bougie et Gap ups. Comme je ne dispose pas de telles données disponibles à moi, je vais chercher la convergence sur 5 cartes différentes: Le graphique 5 minutes est utilisé pour voir ce que le marché est en train de faire maintenant, le 15 minutes est utilisé pour vérifier la direction, le tableau 1 heures est utilisé pour voir ce que le marché a fait lors de la session d'euros, et les quatre heures est utilisé comme une sorte de vérificateur à moyen terme.

Lorsque toutes ces lignes de graphiques en direction, je vais utiliser le sentiment du marché à choisir un métier directionnelle. Avec cette méthode, vous ne verrez pas beaucoup de métiers, mais celui-ce que vous voyez sont les métiers forte probabilité qui sont susceptibles d'aller en votre faveur. Comme les commerçants tout cela est que nous pouvons espérer lors de la négociation.

Ceci est une sorte de système de trading méta qui soulage le stress et réduit le stress. Parfois je ne fais un métier directionnelle par jour et laisse l'ordinateur. Je dois un stop loss fixé de sorte que si le commerce tourne sur moi, je ne veux pas perdre trop d'argent. Ma gestion de l'argent a aussi pour que je seulement le commerce un montant fixe d'unités par le commerce et je régler cela par le montant d'argent qui est sur mon compte. Je trade toujours 3% du solde de mon compte courant et je ne cherche jamais à commercer plus si je perds.

Donc, demain, quand vous jetez un oeil sur le marché des changes dans la matinée essayez de regarder pour la convergence directionnelle sur plusieurs tableaux. Faire un métier dans le sens du prix, fixer un stop loss, et laisser le marché faire sa chose. Trading est effectivement présent facile et il n'a pas besoin d'être stressant. Ceci est un système de négociation que je l'utilise presque tous les jours. Je fais aussi à plus long terme commercial et les opérations à court terme ainsi. Ceci est une méthode que je l'utilise comme ma technique principale. Donnez-lui un coup de feu et vous verrez que cela fonctionnera pour vous.